Friday, October 10, 2008

Die Forming

Hey all. I'll be helping Arthur with the blog some, so I just wanted to say hi. Hi!

Anyways, here's some examples of die formed work. Hope it helps get the brain juices moving. Enjoy.

Shana Kroiz-

She's got fun funky forms and bright colors. Check out her work, straight out of Baltimore. I like how she combines the die forming with other techniques to transform the die formed metal. Look at page 4 of the gallery for a couple sweeeeet boxes, including the one below.

This is a cool way of working with the die form, just making one relief image then working around it to create other relationships.

Allyson Bone-

She's got some really sweet pieces that definitely are related to a lot of the skills Arthur is showing in this class. Go check out her website for sure. This whale is nice- you can tell there's some sort of roll printed texture on its body, similar to the idea of the hammered peanut from class. I also like how there's hidden flowers underneath. Go to the website to see the finished piece.

David Anderson- The Fancy Flask!
This is a fairly straight forward form, but with a little decoration and nice lid.... tadaa! Fancy Flask. I like how the edge is kept from the original sheet. It probably helps too in getting the two sides to line up exactly.

Lynette Andreason

Lynette's a second year grad at Arizona State. With a recent show at Mobilia Gallery in Boston, and such beautiful, engaging work, she is someone to keep your eyes on. Go to her website and explore, there's some interesting things there.